Elsir Vale Campaign

Elsir Vale is a quaint little rural setting that has wilderness on all borders, but maintains trade with distant realms. The vale is considered a point of light and the only surviving collection of towns from the Kingdom of Rhestilor, that fell almost 200 years ago.

The region it is in is often referred to as the Eastern Realms, for the areas described in this setting lie on the eastern edge of a very large continent. Humans, dwarves and other 'standard' races have traditionally come to the region from the west and north (with the southern tropics being and remaining much of a mystery).


(Above is a map centered on the Elsir Vale. A larger map is attached for download in the 'Files' section at the bottom of this page).


The Elsir Vale was introduced in the Wizards of the Coast module "Red Hand of Doom" and our old 4E campaign followed the rise of the Red Hand …(with the hope of following that at a later date with the "Scales of War" Adventure Path from wizards.com/dnd).

Our new DnDNext/5E Playtest will also take place in the Elsir Vale. Drellins Ferry, in the far west of the vale, will be the starting point.

In time, I may change the name of this setting to encompass the many surrounding areas I have developed for background, but for now it is named after the central location of the story.

Information on this site is for the players.

What's New?

Sunday 3rd of June

  • Edited some pages to introduce our DnDNext/5E Playtest. Please note that the timeline for this takes place before the events leading up to the Fall of Bahamut and the Rise of the Red Hand.
  • Added some sites just west of the Elsir Vale to the Elsir Vale page.
  • Added a PCs Page for the Caves of Chaos Mini-Campaign (for the Playtest).
  • Added forums for the Caves of Chaos Mini-Campaign, including a forum for each PC. Players please fill in the basics and provide a picture.
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