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Post here with ideas and Q's about the Elsir Vale, the setting or the campaign in general
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Post ideas, Q's, Fb, etc about the actual setting here.
12by ConnorsConnors
02 Jun 2010 08:47Jump!
Any specific rules for this setting.
Caves of Chaos Mini-Campaign
These are the forums for our DnDnext/5E first Playtest.
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An area to discuss specifics about this game, such as PC backgrounds, questions etc.
18by ConnorsConnors
08 Jun 2012 04:47Jump!
High-Elf Ftr (BG: Soldier; Theme: Magic-User)
24by ConnorsConnors
07 Jun 2012 23:33Jump!
Human Ftr (BG: Knight; Theme: Slayer)
24by ConnorsConnors
07 Jun 2012 23:34Jump!
High Elf Wizard (BG: Sage; Theme: Magic-User)
23by ConnorsConnors
05 Jun 2012 05:49Jump!
Lightfoot Halfling Wizard (BG: Priest; Theme: Healer)
26by ConnorsConnors
05 Jun 2012 05:43Jump!
Human Cleric of Pelor (BG: Priest; Theme: Healer)
26by ConnorsConnors
05 Jun 2012 23:29Jump!
Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (BG: Commoner; Theme Lurker)
23by ConnorsConnors
05 Jun 2012 05:17Jump!
Red Hand Campaign
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Post Q's and thoughts about the current campaign being run here.
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