Golden Plains

East of Elisir Vale lies a vast, arid steppeland that quickly gives way to rocky desert.


Common Knowledge

The Golden Plains are uncivilised and pose an obstacle for trade between Elsir Vale and the nations of The Gyrian City-states, Arkhosia and Bael Turath. Merchants traveling the old Dawn Way often try to employ local members of the the shifter and wemic tribes that dwell in the plains and badlands.

The tribal people of the plains revere their own pantheon of scores of deities collectively known as the 'Gods of Slaughter', though more commonly referred to as the 'Gods of the Hunt' outside the region.

Regional Features

In the vicinity of Dennovar the Golden Plains are dry, flat grassland, but within a few dozen miles the grass gives way to a rock-littered badland of flats and mesas - a waterless and inhospitable wilderness posing a formidable trial for the trade caravans following the Dawn Way.

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People of The Golden Plains

The people of the Golden Plains are mostly nomadic, tribal folk seeking to make a living out of the harsh landscape. Foremost of these people are the shifters, the most recent race to settle here. Supposedly facing persecution in the Endless Plains and beyond, they moved in numbers to the Golden Plains and quickly established themselves in the western grasslands of the region. After the success of the initial tribes, word soon spread and other tribes and individuals with lycanthropic blood migrated to the area as it soon became a haven for such people.

Before the shifters came, naga lords ruled over a vast number of tribes of the Golden Plains. The shifters saw the naga as enemies from the start and liberated some tribes of wemics, driving the nagas into the badlands of the east, where the savage dragonborn are still their servants.

Wemics now roam freely throughout the western grasslands and are increasingly making friendly connections with the people of the Elsir Vale, mostly through their shifter allies, as merchant guards and guides. The wemics do not desire to have other races on their lands, but are more than willing to guide people through them (as long as they do not intend to settle). Shifter and wemic tribes are intermixed in many tribes.

The dragonborn of the Golden Plains are not the feudal, honorbound people of distant Arkhosia. They are the remnants of an ancient, serpent-worshipping tribe that relocated to the mesas here and soon fell under the control of the nagas native to the area. Some believe they were seeking the chained primordial Mual-Ta but settled here when the nagas convinced them they were the embodiments of such a being. The dragonborn here, therefore fight the shifters and constantly raid others that try to pass through - even dragonborn from Arkhosia.

Brayhan tribes live throughout the region except in the flat lands of the far west. Once servants of the nagas (before the dragonborn came along) the brayhan of today are fiercely independent. They live in isolated hills and fend for themselves, even shunning the shifters. So far the brayhan have refused the shifters' offers of peace, but nor do they openly attack the new rulers of the steppe.

Though not overly intelligent, dustblights are found in all parts of the Golden Plains except close to the Dawn Way. They are enemies to all intelligent life and many groups have spent a lot of resources to clear them away from the trade route through the center of the plains.

Groups & Organisations

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