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Bloody Sun Goblin Tribe

Girtir Nookl - Great Chief
Was struggling to keep his people under control when the PCs arrived. Many looked to be defecting to Ralak's side. With the PCs help, the bumbling and self-proclaiming goblin chief, convinced his tribe to give the PCs eight days to sort out the mess.

Ralak (Deceased)
A large goblin with blue extremities contrasting with his rust red skin. A worshipper of Bane and apparent dissident in the tribe. He was leading the cause for the attack on Red Rock when the PCs arrived. It was also apparently one of his followers that say the 'hoomans with the sacred stone". PCs killed him in large fight at Bloody Sun goblin headquarters.

Drellins Ferry NPCs

Red Rock NPCs

Verdana Caravan NPCs

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