Below is a brief description of the regions that make up this setting (with links to more detailed pages on each). Elsir Vale is listed first as it is the place where the campaign begins and will most likely be centered. The lands surrounding the vale are listed next, with the more distant realms (off the Elsir Vale map) listed last.

Elsir Vale & regions members of PC party have visited will initially have the most details. I wish to leave a little mystery to the other regions (as this site is for the players).

(A lot of the information below for the Elsir Vale and surrounding lands is taken directly from the Wizards of the Coast module "Red Hand of Doom").

Elsir Vale - Starting region


A thinly populated human frontier surrounded by wilderlands.


Surrounding Regions

golden plains

East of Elisir Vale lies a vast, arid steppeland that quickly gives way to rocky desert.


Endless Plains

North of the mountains at the edge of the Elsir Vale lies a vast, windblown sea of dry grass, stretching for hundreds of miles east, north, and west.



South of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains lies this vast barren land known as the Thornwaste. Wild elves are the least hostile inhabitants one is likely to meet here.


Distant Regions

Shentulka (The Dragonfyre Kingdom)

A vast land of scattered settlements around the great metropolis Tyon. The land is named after the land's original inhabitants, the Shentulka, was then the southern kingdom of the empire of Nerath, and since the empire's fall has been under the dictatorial rulership of an ancient purple wyrm.


Gyrian City-States

Across the Golden Plains from Elsir lies the coastal cities of Gyrian, where rich nobles rule in splendour and control trade between Arkhosia to the north and Bael Turath to the south.


Sunken Lands

The Sunken Lands fell prey to a Far Realm leakage some millenia ago. The 'land' consists of small islands intersected by deep ravines that are full of mist toxic to most beings, other than the aberrant creatures that make their homes there. Life clings to isolated columns and promontories of earth that rise above the level of the mists.



Far from the grand dragonborn empire of old, the land known as Arkhosia is still called that today. No longer building vast cities in the canyons of the interior, most dragonborn now dwell in low-lying vales, each controlled by a ruling warlord.


Emerald Coast

In the far south, beyond the furtherest reaches of the Thornwaste and far to the southwest along the coast from New Turath lies this mostly unexplored land of primeval jungle. Jagged knolls rise from a lush green landscape and deep emerald waters. There is no known civilisation on the Emerald Coast other than isolated pockets of intelligent life ranging from intelligent octopi in the waters to dragon-like centaurs of the jungles, to savage minotaurs of the plains and small lizardfolk on the dry borders of the Thornwaste.


New Turath

The rich lands of Turath have been a haven for many 'civilised' folk for generations. Though the great kingdom of Bael Turath is no more, a large group of city-states have united under a confederation and commonly go under the name of New Turath.

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