Sunken Lands

The Sunken Lands fell prey to a Far Realm leakage some millenia ago. The 'land' consists of small islands intersected by deep ravines that are full of mist toxic to most beings, other than the aberrant creatures that make their homes there. Life clings to isolated columns and promontories of earth that rise above the level of the mists.


Common Knowledge

Millennia ago, this land was ravaged by an incursion from the Far Realm. The land warped and mostly collapsed into mist shrouded ravines whilst mind flayers took control of all that happened beneath the mists. Small outposts of other folk still cling to the upthrust earth 'islands' and several are now linked by bridges.

Regional Features

Most known life clings to the columns of earth known as 'islands'. Surrounding them are ravines that are full of a toxic mist that is simply called 'The Mist' and life beneath The Mist is known as 'The Deeps'.

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People of The Sunken Lands

Mind flayers rule The Deeps. Often they raid into the 'surface world' in search of more thralls and food. No one really knows who or what (if anything) dwells below The Mist with the illithids.

Ogres are probably the most populous intelligent beings living above The Mist. For a time they were not targeted for extermination by the mind flayers (as they made good thralls) and as a result the mind flayers have made sure a steady population of ogres has been allowed to continue to exist. Of course, the ogres resent this and fight off the mind flayers as best they can. There is a separate group, known as shadow ogres, that were long ago warped by aberrant energies and are immune to the effects of The Mist. These ogres despise what the mind flayers have done to them and lead the resistance against them.

Humans that once occupied this lonely province of Nerath still survive in small numbers on some of the scrub-covered islands that still have water sources. Protecting their herds of livestock remain a priority and is becoming harder by the year. In recent times some human settlements have had some success initiating trade with bands of ogres rather than continuing their struggle. All are enemies of the mind flayers.

Groups & Organisations

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